The Information Centre for International security (ICIS)

The Information Centre for International Security is the expert research study team for the issues of international politics and security. The main research interest is NATO, Russia-NATO relationships and related issues: tendencies of the changes in the architecture of European security and Euro-Atlantic processes, European integration, development of partnership relations in the sphere of international security.


Promotion of a safer world through development of dialogue, confidence, cooperation – this is the main mission of ICIS, which was created in Volgograd (Russia) several years ago within the framework of public diplomacy projects.

Since the end of 2014 ICIS has been integrated under the management of The Institute of Intercultural Communications (in English).


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Igor Chernov
ICIS Director
and a Founder


The opinions of the authors in the publications on the site reflect their personal views which may be discordant to the ICIS position. The site materials’ usage is subject to copyright, with the link to www.icisecuity.ru provided (hyperlink to www.icisecuity.ru on the Internet).